Pictures Showing Some Of The History Of Community Baptist Church

July 1977 Bruce Young at Oak Manor Motel Church van 1977 John Grunditz teaching SS class at Oak Manor 1977 Grace Kelly's SS Class 1977 Dave Haug teaching SS at Oak Manor CBC Praise Banquet 1977 at MSU Living Letters group 1978 (Greta, Bruce, Jeff, Becky, Michele, Sue, Julie) Church sign in front of Lincoln School 1978 Lincoln Years insert Bruce Young at Lincoln Elementary School 1979 Children's Choir at Lincoln 1979 Choir at Lincoln School 1979 Choir at Lincoln School 1979 (Bruce R, Bruce Y Jr, Ken K) Living Letters v 2 (Phil, Cindy, Tim, Julie, Bruce Jr) at Bethel (Leroy & Cherie's wedding) Banner CBC property looking east across the gravel 25th Street toward KFME tower Bruce Young and congregation at groundbreaking service for new building in rural south Fargo - SE corner of building looking east June 1979 Building construction on south 25th Street facing northeast toward downtown - June 1979 Roy and Martha Johnston at House Church at Andersons 1980 Baptism at Gerald & Ruth Rasmussen's in rural Moorhead June 1979 - Ralph and Gail Hennebry being baptized Steel framework 1979 Front entry late 1979 Alexandru Maianu, founder of Emmanuel, 1982 speaking to congregation Congregational photo in front of building early 1980s Work night, fixing tables 1979 - Ken Kelley and Bill Gilge 1979 building construction at 25th Street Waiting for move-in 1979 View from upstairs looking north - 1979. None of the interior walls were finished, and the 2nd floor had only a subfloor installed. Moving desks into new building 1979.  Facing kitchen/nursery doors.  Note songbook rack and chairs set for worship. Moving into new building - 1979.  Bruce and Darlene Young and daughter.  Desks were bought at auction from Mhd Jr High School. SS Class 1982 in NE stairwell, Creighton Gustafson at board and Tim Kremer seated) Tim Trudeau teaching SS class 1982) First sign 1980 Pouring concrete driveway 1995. Arlyn Nies and Henry Lay. Ed Fuller finishing a strip of parking lot. 1995 looking east. Helen Anderson, VBS teacher 1982 VBS leaders, early 1980s Cubbies leaders, late 1980s (Deb  Fuller, Sue Mueller, Bonnie and Steve Melquist, Arlene Marchand, Cherie Anderson) AWANA Sparks-A-Rama awards, late 1980s AWANA awards 198x Concrete finishing crew, Tom and Leroy Anderson 1995 Jeff Painter finishing nursery 1995 VBS group photo 1982 VBS 1980s Andrew Cumings at VBS 1982 AWANA awards 1988 Camp Lebanon retreat for AWANA girls AWANA group with Pastor Ray Lindholm 1980s Guys youth event 1980s (_ Sheets, Jon Redington, Joey Grunditz, Dan Cumings) Girls youth event 1980s Youth group puppeteers 1990s Youth group dramatic presentation late 1990s Singles group 1977 Singles group 1977 College group 1980s (??, Jeff Mueller, Paul Held, Norm Olson) note unfinished foyer in background College ministry - 1990s at Lindholms Women's banquets (with men getting serving instructions) 1994 Baby shower in nursery 1980s (FR: Ruth Rasmussen, Garnet Gilge, Delores Bekkerus, BR: Hazel, Arlene, Cherie) MOPS leaders 1996